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Custom Jewelry can help you every step of the way in turning your jewelry idea into a finished piece. Whether you provide the original model yourself or have our talented model maker produce a model for you. You can be
sure that the resulting castings will meet your needs. We offer Lead-Free casting alloys. (sterling silver soon)

The casting process begins by "sinking" the original model into a rubber disc mold. This mold becomes the
master mold and is used to cast enough copies of the original model to create a production mold. The
number of cast copies required depends on the size of the piece and amount of space needed between the
pieces so that they will then cast properly during production. The size of the cast pieces also dictate how
thick the production mold will be and the diameter of the mold. is capable of making production
molds as large as 18" in diameter with a thickness of up to 3".

Once all of the pieces are positioned in the production mold, the mold is vulcanized using heat and pressure. This process forces the mold rubber into every void, capturing all of the detail and surface texture of your
original model. Vulcanization also "cures" the rubber, making it firmer and more durable, capable of
producing many, many identical copies of your original model.

Once the production mold has been completed, it is placed into the centrifugal casting machine. The casting machine is turned on, spinning the mold at a high rate of speed. Molten metal is then poured into the center of the mold and centrifugal force pushes the metal into the cavities inside the mold. Once the mold cools, it is removed from the casting machine and the two halves of the mold are pulled apart, exposing the cast pieces. The cast pieces are then separated from one another and finished according to the needs of the customer.

The cost of making an item varies, here's an example of a quarter size pendant.

Model Creation: $150 - $500
(simple to intricate)
Production Mold: $130
Castings: $.75 - $3.00
(casting cost varies widely due to weight, quantity and finishing requirements)

From start to finish the typical production time for most jewelry projects is 4-6 weeks.

(908) 689-6571

All work is done in the USA

Copyright © a division of Gesner Legion All rights reserved. specializes in custom pendants, custom necklaces, custom earrings, custom rings, custom keychains, custom belt buckles, custom rosaries. most popular pieces are cast in lead free pewter and polished so that the finished item looks like it was sterling silver.
Whether you want small earrings or a giant pendant we can make your vision a reality.
If you already have a pendant, earring, charm, ring, or whatever we can cast from that and even make changes to it. (depending on copyrights)