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Spiked & Studded Leather

Beware of cheap, imported imitations of the real thing. They are cheaper in price for a reason.
This might be okay if you only intend to wear the leather piece one time. But, placed side by side,
you can see and feel the difference from their "stuff" to ours. It isn't cool to wear crap.

There is a Difference!
All our leather items are the highest quality!
All Imosh Leather Products are made in the U.S.A.

WRISTBANDS (spikes & pyramids)
Epaulette Shields

BELTS (spikes & pyramids)

SPIKES 'n STUDS (bulk)

GAUNTLETS (spikes & chains)

Leather Lingerie + More

Bras, Halter Tops, Skirts, Teddies,
G-Strings, Thongs, Bustiers, Chain Skirts,
Pasties, Garter Belts, Corsets, Chaps,
Whips, Riding Crops and Paddles.

Gothic Leather Purse

Spikes & Studs - Boot Straps

W.A.S.P. Saw Blade Gauntlet

Leather Hats/Caps

Chained Biker Caps, Police Caps, etc

Spiked Black Leather Ring


Guitar Straps (spiked)

Belt Buckles

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Genuine Leather MFG. By Manzoor Made in U.S.A. 
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