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W.a.s.p. Saw Blade Gauntlet

These gauntlets are made from real saw blades, each is cut in half and sanded smooth,
all saw blade teeth have been filed to remove most of their sharpness. Two brackets are welded to the bottom. Gauntlets are then Chromed to a mirror finish. Blades are attached to leather with 4 small bolts, and can easily be removed.

Saw Blades are mounted on a genuine leather gauntlet, one size fits all.
$299 ea.

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Please keep in mind that
these are considered

These are meant for
Stage Wear only.

Blades are polished so highly that each is pretty much a mirror, taking good
pictures of these was quite the challenge.

In the picture above you are seeing a reflection of the Leather,
Brackets, and the stainless steel Cap Nuts in the blade.

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