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our business card example


Compared to most printers it cost about the same
for boring white business cards with 1 color
printing. Why not go for glossy Full Color cards!

 - leather spiked dog collars- Wholesale Sales Only

The best software for dj's from PCDJ

Who is PCDJ?

PCDJ (Personal Computer Disc Jockey), is a Dual Digital Audio Player that allows you to be the DJ & Mix your Music with a PC or laptop. PCDJ develops the software and hardware that delivers powerful features with high sound quality. If you are a Beginner or Professional DJ, PCDJ has a wide range of products to bring you into the new age of music technology. With PCDJ there is no need to use CD's or Vinyl Records. PCDJ uses digital files ( MP3, WMA, WAV, & more to come) to lighten load. PCDJ makes you mobile. Now you can DJ your own event or party simply with a PC and your music. Click here for more information.

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