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(908) 689-6571 recycles does our best to limit our impact on the environment.
We only use cardboard boxes for shipping of non-apparel items, which can then be reused
or recycled after use. Apparel items are shipped in either Tyvek or recycled plastic envelopes.
Our packing materials consist of mainly Newspaper (easy to recycle), we do not typically use
any packing materials for items such as t-shirts as this would not provide any more protection.
When we use packing peanuts or void filling air cushions, we do not purchase them as we
reuse these materials from inbound shipments.

We do not manufacture display materials for our products such as blister packs.
We also request our vendors do not card or package our items. Certain items need to be
bagged to prevent damage such as scratches or just containment. 40% of the bags we use
for this purpose were from inbound shipments. Our apparel items are always packed
in ziplock style bags.

Materials that cannot be used for shipping are recycled (large corrugated boxes & misc paper).
We send our truck monthly to a nearby recycling center, which in turn ships it to Colgate Paper.
Colgate accepts commingled paper, cardboard, glass, cans, etc. which makes it easier for
businesses and consumers to recycle.

Our shipping methods maybe much different than you are accustomed to, some may consider
them half-assed, but that's how we roll. The only thing that matters is the products are delivered
in perfect condition with as little impact on the environment as possible. It is an extremely
rare event for us to have a customer who has received a damaged product,
so what we are doing is working.

(We have been using the above methods for shipping for the past 25 years.)

*Please don't confuse our Recycling Policy with the Global Warming Movement-
which is a Scam, Global Warming was created to ultimately be a tax on carbon producers.
More info here:
(there's a ton of REAL scientific information out there)

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